At Illuminated Imagery, we are known for our unique combination of detail and subject isolation using light. Our lighting style is typically favored by clients who are seeking to take a superb product and make it appear more luxurious by bringing out the details that matter the most by utilizing product placement, lighting techniques, and perfect retouching for a flawless end result.




PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED. Most of Griffin's on-hand photography knowledge originated from a three year mentorship with the family who founded and ran Alfa Color Labs. Alfa Color was a very popular Los Angeles portrait studio and film processing business who set industry standards for nearly 100 years. 

NEW AGE PHOTOGRAPHIC STYLE. Griffin was always heavily critiqued by his mentors, which enabled him to develop a high standard of quality and discipline over the years. Griffin then combined their lighting advice to his preferred bold style in order to create his own unique style of beverage photography.

KNOWLEDGE BEYOND THE “ART”. Griffin’s technical understanding of cameras and light allows him to quickly calculate any adjustments that are needed to develop the final desired product. Over the last couple of years, Griffin has matured his style and proved himself competent in dealing with time-sensitive and high stress situations when needed.




BUSINESS MANAGER. Brittney takes care of our clients and is involved in every step of the process to ensure clear communication and quality assurance. She is the one who handles our paperwork, as well as responds to e-mails and inquiries. Please always feel free reach out to Brittney at contact@illuminatedimagery.com

PHOTOGRAPHY ASSISTANT. Brittney also frequently assists Griffin in the field by helping to give direction and suggestions as well as carrying, setting up, and organizing equipment. 

CREATIVE INSIGHT. Brittney's creative insight frequently brings new ideas to the table for clients who are not always sure what they are looking for. 


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